About Dr.Shehla

Shehla is a qualified dentist and has been involved with providing primary dental care since 1999.

In 2017 she transitioned towards facial aesthetics as her background prepares her for the precision, sensitivity and delicate hand required in this field and she expanded her existing skillset by doing  a foundation level course in facial aesthetics, including Anti Wrinkle Injection and dermal fillers. 

Her priority is to fully understand the patients in order to provide them with a tailored experience based on individual needs and requirements.

Amongst the many services offered are lip augmentation, brow lift, forehead and frown line removal.

Dr Shehla Zulfi

Facial Aesthetics

Consultation with Dr Shehla : £60

Lip enhancements: From £190

Frownline correction: From £140

Nasolabial fold correction: From £190

Softening of frown lines

This is a very popular treatment as patients find that with time the frown lines deepen and make the face look sterner and more severe.

By simple application of anti-wrinkle injections, Dr Shehla can soften these to provide a smooth forehead. Both images ie. before and after show the patient in a full frown.

wrinkles or Lines Treatment

Lip plumping

These beauties wanted plumper lips simply to improve their self- confidence and enhance their natural features. After a consultation with Dr Shehla, filler was used painlessly to produce a plumper more pouty look but the end result was subtle and beautiful.

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancements

This lovely client was incredibly self- conscious about her uneven lips and had found that over the years her lips had grown thinner. After an in-depth consultation with Dr Shehla, filler was used to enhance her lips making them fuller and more attractive. The  patient was extremely happy with the natural result.

Lip Enlargement

Laughter line correction

Laughter line correction (wrinkles around the eyes) are one of the most common complaints brought to Dr Shehla. By using anti-wrinkle injections, skillfully placed, Dr Shehla is able to reduce the depth of these lines and smooth the area which results in a reduction of the ageing effect.

Aesthetics Facial Treatment

Softening of naso-labial lines

Another popular request for Dr Shehla is the softening of the lines between the corner of the nose and the outer corner of the upper lip.

These lines have a tendency to become deeper during the ageing process and many patients come to Dr. Shehla asking to soften these lines and hence reduce the appearance of ageing here.

Lip Enhancement



Botox Botox Botox …. That’s exactly what I done with Dr Shehla… i had two very deep lines in between my eyebrows… Dr Shehla went through a full consultation with me and explained the produce to me…. The treatment took around 20 minutes…. Dr Shehla has a very gentle hand so didn’t even feel any pain… my results I have to say are awesome… no more lines, but still natural as my forehead is not frozen 😊 If you are considering any form of Facial aesthetic‘s… I can’t recommend Dr Shehla enough as she is patient and will listen to what you really want and explain the best procedure for you.

Shaloni Somani

I had both botox and dermal fillers done by Dr Shehla Zulfi. They were both good experiences. She was extremely professional and very gentle and kind,talking me through everything she was doing. Having this done has made me feel more confident about myself. I was extremely pleased with the results and I will definitely be going back again when I need a top up. Thank you Shehla and I shall definitely be recommending you to others.

Caroline Hewlett

A Wonderful experience with Dr.Shehla When I had mu botox done. Very gentle hands and results were superb. I definitely look 5 years younger. Highly Recommended!

Laila Khan